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Kama'aina Creations - Worldwide Locals"Respect"

Mission Statement…

Our mission is to celebrate the culture that we live in and represent, by creating eco-friendly, innovative clothing and designs that represent the surfing and action sports communities.

About Us...

Aloha and welcome from all of us here at Kama’aina Creations.  Kama’aina (“Kah-ma-eye-na”) is Hawaiian for “local or native Hawaiian born host of child of the islands.”  To us, this means hosting the coolest surfwear on the planet here online and in retail stores across the country.  We are worldwide locals who fully live and love the lifestyle that we represent!

The Kama’aina brand represents the surf culture and action sports community that we have always immersed ourselves in.  This means celebrating life, freedom, music and art because these are core values of the community.  This philosophy also extends to exceeding expectations in the surfwear and accessories market by offering high quality, eco-friendly, comfortable and innovative clothing and designs. 

At Kama’aina Creations we have been living the very lifestyle that we represent since the 1960’s.  We are world travelers who are as active in sports as our products suggest.  We also work consistently to give back to the community that has shared so much respect, acceptance and inspiration with us.  We donate our time and products to major supporters within the action sport industry such as Surfing Heritage Foundation.  We also support our community by sponsoring young and upcoming riders like Alex Cuje (HI), Josh Haley (CA), Alek Rockrise (TX) and Hart Zwing (SC).

With distributors in California and Hawaii, our innovative designs, clothing and accessories can be purchased in multiple retail stores.  Our entire line is manufactured and distributed worldwide.  As we continue to evolve and grow within the surf and action sports community as individuals, so does the creativity of the designs we offer as a company.  An important piece of our journey is observing and learning from our customers and distributors.  We look forward to continuing on this journey together with you.

Our inspiration comes from riding the boards, surfing the waves and living the values that make the surf and action sports community what it is. We are proud to represent our brothers and sisters in the entire mainstream action sports community with a steady stream of new styles, hardcore designs and self-expression.  Our goal is to provide a fashionable vehicle for our fellow worldwide locals to express themselves with.  Living and loving the lifestyle – Respect.

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In Memory of Eddie Aikau competition Waimea Bay - 2001

Steve Jugan

                 Steve Jugan’s life experiences, energy and enthusiasm make up the creative spirit of Kama’aina Creations.  Steve lives by the motto: live in moderation, play to the extreme.  The story of Steve Jugan and Kama’aina Creations is a celebration of the independence, inspiration and innovation embodied by the surfing and action sports culture Steve lives to represent.

                Steve started surfing when he was 9 years old, inspired by watching surfing legends brave world famous surf breaks. During a visit to Wailne Falls, Kauai, Steve met Moki, a local who inspired him to follow his creative path.  Following a distinct life calling, Moki left a successful career as an engineer, returned to Wailne Falls and subsequently became a successful painter. Moki’s story had a profound influence on Steve, but left him wondering, “That’s the kind of life changing story you hear about but wonder if it will ever happen to you.”
For Steve it eventually did happen.  After meeting Moki, he was subsequently inspired to react to life with his own brand of creativity.   Steve’s artwork evolved from childhood pencil drawings to innovative professional designs that reflect his travels, experiences and influences.  His work is geared specifically to the community of worldwide locals he serves.

               Steve founded Kama’aina Creations in 2000 as a vehicle for offering innovative designs and quality products to the community he so greatly respects and lifestyle he dearly cherishes.  The clothing and designs of Kama’aina Creations exhibit a unique blend of Steve’s extensive business experience and creativity. 

               Steve earned his bachelor’s in business administration, has over 20 years of experience in retail sales management and handles the design, production, distribution and merchandising of his creations.  A scuba diving instructor, lifelong surfer and Ex Pro Motocross racer, Steve infuses energy into his art. Steve is married and has two sons, ages 14 and 17.  The most important values that he instills in both his family and professional life are honesty, respect and loyalty.  Clearly, the man at the heart of Kama’aina Creations is living and loving the lifestyle he promotes to his customers, distributors, sponsors and worldwide locals!

Mahalo Nui Loa.



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